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Times Two SpeefilesWe are your direct line for Richards-Wilcox Office Products. Times 2 Rotary Speed File cabinets are the ultimate solution for your filing and storage needs. Richards Wilcox Times 2 Speedfile cabinets are also known as X2 rotary files or X-2 rotary files as well as Times Two rotary Speed File cabinets. Times 2 rotary file cabinets are the ultimate in medical filing and storage solutions. The rotating design of Times 2 Speed File allows dual access of your file documents from one or both sides. Other filing systems can not match the flexibility of Richards-Wilcox Aurora Times Two rotary Speedfiles. Times Two is a great solution for HIPAA compliance and all of your medical filing needs.

You can reach us at (847) 439-2220 or by emailing us at desc@descogroup.net . We would be glad to help you with your current filing or storage application.

You can find more information on Times Two Speed Files at our sister site at www.descogroup.net .  Along with Times Two Speed File Cabinets, We represent Aurora Shelving, Aurora Mobile Shelving and other filing products.